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Colin Eley, Managing Director

We chose the Horizon system because it gave us more flexibility in the way we run our system.

We can take the handsets and plug them in anywhere with internet access and they still function as if we are in the office. We needed the flexibility to work from home or office and it’s an ideal solution to the problem. One of the team has the soft client running on a P.C. at home and that  is synchronised with his phone handset on his desk.

We were able to configure multiple lines and hunt groups so we could separate support calls for different products from our main switchboard calls.

One of the most useful features is that voicemails are emailed to us and have an audio file attached so we can listen to the voicemail without having to connect to the system. This is brilliant for out of hours support calls!

We chose Telnet because of their professional approach and clear product knowledge. We were in the process of an office move at the time and Telnet managed the installation and set up of the new broadband communications at the new office and sorted out the installation and setup of the new phone system. This meant that we were able to have handsets plugged in at both old and new locations simultaneously which meant we had a seamless move and were able to avoid the usual trauma of dealing with BT.

In summary, we have been extremely pleased with the Horizon system and the service received from Telnet and I am quite happy to recommend them both.


Powersoft Computer Services Ltd