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Hosted Handsets

We use the best quality of handsets available all pre configured, setup and ready to go!

Alongside the handsets promoted there are further options of handsets available including conference phones, reception phones with expansion modules and the option to use DECT handsets or other analogue devices through the system.

Please download our Hosted Handset PDF document below which outlines Telnets recommended handsets.

    The ADSL (broadband) circuit provided for telephone calls is an assured IP service. In essence this service is:-
  • Monitored 24/7 for disconnection / faults (so we will often be aware of an issue even before you contact us)
  • The service carries only voice. This means that your calls will not be competing for bandwidth with data products.
  • The ADSL connection is a secure service connected directly to our Telephone Operator and as such does not go out onto the “public internet”.
All of these points go to ensuring that the call quality is comparable to a digital telephone system.

For further backup you have the added assurance your existing ADSL service can be utilised by the voice system in the event of a failure on the hosted ADSL circuit.

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